For which kind of clients is it conceived?
Suppliers of equipment, professionals working in bars, restaurants, hotels, catering companies and the entertainment industry in general, who are interested in new trends.

It is a special automatic ice-glass maker which is protected by an international patent and is produced in Italy.

Does it need special maintenance?
No, it needs the same maintenance of an ordinary ice maker.

How many ice glasses does it produce?
ICYDRINK C8 produces 8 ice glasses every 30 minutes. the ice glasses produced have to be removed form the machine and stored in a freezer on the trays supplied together with the machine. The maximum productivity is determined by the operating hours (e.g. 10 hours = 160 ice glasses).

Why do the ice glasses have to be stored in a freezer?
So that they can be set aside and be available when they are needed. In this way they can be used in time and do not need to be used immediately.

What can be served?
Aperitifs, cocktails, liquors, sparkling wines, coffee, etc. Raw fish, fish salads, shellfish, raw vegetables, etc. Cold creamy deserts, sorbets, mousses, etc. Fruit salads… and everything that your imagination suggests!

How long does an ice glass last?
Under normal conditions (approximately 25°c) it lasts over 25 minutes. With a cold products it lasts more.

Which is the capacity of an ice glass?
The maximum capacity is 100 ml.

Does the user get wet when using the ice glasses?
No, the use of the disposable glass or plastic supports allows for collection of the water produced by molten ice. In this way hands do not get wet or cold.

Does the ice stick to the lips?
No, after the ice glass is removed from the freezer it does not stick to the lips.

Does the ice glasses dilute the product?
Within the 25 minutes in which the ice glass has to be used the ice melts in the drink with a 1/3 ratio with respect to ordinary ice cubes.

Can the ice glasses be coloured?
Normally ice is a synonym for transparency and crystal clearness. Colouring the ice glasses would alter this image and limit the use of the glasses themselves.


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